Find Us In: Mbalala Mukono 24 kilometers on Kampala / Jinja highway Uganda, East Africa

Kasenge Riverford Organic Agricultural Centre (KROAC)

Kasenge-Who We Are


A community without poverty and malnutrition



To improve household income and nutrition status of communities in Uganda with emphasis on vulnerable people



To transform rural communities by protecting the environment, improving their social and economic status for self-reliance and improved standards of living in Uganda as a whole.

Consumer interest in Organic food has grown substantially over the years, and demand for produce outstrips supply. At the same time the number of conventional agricultural producers has declined. Particularly those farming smaller sized holdings. Since its inception, the center’s skilled and experienced management group has developed a range of educational programs and other services to meet the deficient demand needs of commercial and small holder farmers within Uganda and the world at large. The center embarked on a substantial capital program in 1999 with the construction of a multipurpose training and accommodation facilities and other site improvements to provide a conducive environment for anyone who visits the center.

The center has continued to make a substantial improvement to rural regeneration through its promotion of organic systems and models that can be adopted by small holder farmers to achieve economic sustainability and quality of life improvements. It is also a key component within the cluster of organic organizations and initiatives underway in the area, and as such can play a central role in the development of a vibrant organic sector in the Region.


  1. To develop a training and demonstration Centre for the advancement of integrated Sustainable organic farming techniques among the rural communities in Uganda
  2. To stimulate rural social welfare through increased agricultural output in terms of income through the sale of surplus output, hunger free and malnutrition (food security), as well as maintaining. Proper health and sanitation in the rural communities
  3. To maintain and ensure environmental conservation to avoid over exploitation and degradation of natural resources
  4. Disseminate knowledge to the community on rural land use planning and development for Optimal use of their land resources
  5. To support community groups; like small farmers groups, schools among others through Capacity building by training and provisions of organic farming skills and techniques and economic development.
  6. To create partnerships and collaboration with other stakeholders whose objectives and activities are in line with those of Kasenge Riverford Organic Center.
  7. To carry out comprehensive research in integrated systems of agriculture, environment and social development in collaboration and networking with the relevant study Institutions (research), government agencies, civil society organizations, local farmers among other.